Elder Adelaide Koostachin speaking in Native Language being translated by Chris Koostachin. She discusses different medicines from the area. She tells how to look for certain plants such as pine cones and when they are best to collect. How to extract the medicine from them too.

Honouring Elders and Anishinabek Artists: Connecting Art and Traditions

Traditional Medicines
Elder Adelaide Koostachin Traditional Medicines
Grandmother Teachings

In this painting it is about the medicine in the evergreen trees. The pine ones were harvested, steeped into a tea for natural remedies. This was taught to them and their children’ children.

Artist: Christyn Koostachin

My name is Christyn Koostachin, I’m from Fort Severn Ontario. I’m the youngest in my family, I live with my parents back home. I have 3 siblings, 1 sister and 2 older brothers. I started painting in early 2016. Art is my passion. It helps me cope with difficult times and express myself freely. Anybody can do art, if you just believe in yourself and put yourself out there.