Elder Morris Shapwaykeesic talking about the sacredness of fire for Anishnabe People and people around the world.

Honouring Elders and Anishinabek Artists: Connecting Art and Traditions

Elder Morris Shapwaykeesic of Whitesand First Nation

Sacred Fire

The sacred fire represents that there is a fire within all of us, the child bearers, animals, children, men, and elders. The sun is made out of fire, without the sun there is no life. As well as women are sacred, without them, there will be no mankind.

Artist: Christyn Koostachin 

My name is Christyn Koostachin, I’m from Fort Severn Ontario. I’m the youngest in my family, I live with my parents back home. I have 3 siblings, 1 sister and 2 older brothers. I started painting in early 2016. Art is my passion. It helps me cope with difficult times and express myself freely. Anybody can do art, if you just believe in yourself and put yourself out there.