In this video Elder Connie Rae of North Spirit Lake talks about life when she was young. About surviving and fishing and how Little Spirits took things from peoples nets and where she heard they live on the cliffs. She Also talks about how they used to trap and how wolves stole their rabbits and setting traps for wolves.

Honouring Elders and Anishinabek Artists:  Connecting Art and Traditions


John Ferris / Indigenous Artist

Myth of the Little People 

The legend of the Little People has been verbally past down since time Immemorial by North American Indigenous people. This depiction in a visual content was executed in oils, as you can see, the young hunters are at the shore of the creek to check out their net for fish. To their surprise, they are puzzled and left wondering what had happened with the fish net. The net seems to be wrecked and damaged, as this is going on the elder is standing behind the young hunters looking over to his left shoulder with a faint grin on his face, knowing exactly what is going on. To avoid being discovered, the little people are hiding behind the rocks and in the deep grass across the creek being mischievous and giggling. It is said that the little people are good spirits.

Indigenous cultures of the world, legends, stories and folklore are an important part of their lives, the elders would speak to the young children the way of life. As time goes by from generation to generation these traditional stories would keep the tribes, clans and family strong and intact.


My name is John Ferris, a band member of Constance Lake First Nation. I have been artistically active most of my life. After working with CN Rail for 10 years, I began developing my portfolio in 1985 to submit to a major Art School in Toronto. In the summer of 1986, I received a letter of acceptance to the Ontario College of Art and Design. Afterwards I continued to study Graphic Design at George Brown College for 2 yrs. While studying in Toronto, I was introduced to Michael John Angel a Master Portrait painter who taught in the Classical Methods of Drawing and Painting of the Old Masters. This studio study of 3 and ½ years would escalate my career studies of understanding Art History, Anatomy, Theory, Painting and Drawing Techniques etc., to a whole new level.