Elder Annie Williams of Weagamow / Round Lake / North Caribou First Nations. She discusses hunting moose, ducks and plucking them right away. Talked about having a community feasts which she enjoyed and everyone that needed to shared and ate.

Honouring Elders and Anishinabek Artists: Connecting Art and Traditions

Elder Annie Williams from Weagamow

This is based on fall harvest and traditions.

Artist: Migizi qwe Brenda Kejick

Born in 1964, originally from Grassy Narrows.My father Eugene Keewatin was well known artist in Kenora and Grassy Narrows. I would watch my dad paint and one day he told me I would own his paint brushes and paints. As part of my growing up in the community, I started participating in art contests or showing art more to my teachers who noticed how good my artistic I was. At between 8 and 10 yrs old, I entered an art contest based on mercury poisoning in our community and won first prize. My art piece was published through Kenora Daily miner news and it was shipped to Toronto. That is then, I started painting. One of the teachers from Japan wanted a painting from me. I painted one for one for  this teacher and my teacher was very proud of me. That’s when I began to continue my artistic creations. In 1990, I won poetry called “The Struggle”, based on alcohol and drug addiction. It was published in Sioux Lookout. There are many of my artistic creations out there that I have donated and gave as gifts or people  requested as purchased. Some are based on legends, dreams, and translations of traditions. As growing older, I continue to pass on my teachings at times, when I am asked or just keep on mastering each picture, when I have the time. I use it as a soothing therapy at times and its healing at times. That is my gift, my teaching, my goal, my healing tool and my story or your story in picture I create. Being born was rough coming into this world and as through growing up to face so many challenges from it. I did not give up to be here today continuing with my teachings with my paint brushes. Migizi qwe B.Kejick