Course Code/Course Description/Pre-requisite


AMU1O - Music

BTT1O - Information and Communications Technology in Business

CGC1D-Issues in Canadian Geography, Academic

CGC1P-Issues in Canadian Geography, Applied

ENG1D- Academic English

ENG1L- Locally Developed English

ENG1P- Applied English

GLS1O- Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School

HIF1O- Exploring Family Studies

LNCAO - Native Languages, Introduction to Cree

LNLAO- Native Languages, Introduction to Ojibway Severn Dialect

MAT1L- Locally Developed Math

MFM1P- Foundations of Mathematics

MPM1D- Principles of Mathematics

NAC1O- Expressions of Aboriginal Cultures

PPL1O - Healthy Active Living Education

SNC1D- Academic Science

SNC1L- Locally Developed Science

SNC1P- Applied Science


AVI2O-Visual Arts

BBI2O Introduction to Business

CHC2D- Canadian History Since World War I, Academic

CHC2P- Canadian History Since World War I, Applied

CHV2O- Civics and Citizenship(half-credit)

ENG2D- Academic English (ENG1D)

ENG2L-Locally Developed English(ENG1L)

ENG2P-Applied English(ENG1D/ENG1P)

GLC2O- Career Studies (half-credit)

LNLBO- Native Languages, Level 2

MAT2L- Locally Developed Math (MAT1L)

MFM2P-Foundations of Math (MFM1P)

MPM2D- Principles of Math. (MPM1D)

PAD2O - Outdoor Studies

SNC2D-Academic Science (SNC1D)

SNC2P-Applied Science (SNC1D/1P)

SNC2L-Locally Developed Science (SNC1L)

TGJ2O- Communications Technology


ASM3O - Media Arts

BAF3M- Financial Accounting Fundamentals

BDI3C - Entrepreneurship: The Venture

CGG3O - Travel & Tourism, A Geographic Perspective (CGC1D/1P)

ENG3C- College English (ENG2P,2D)

ENG3E- Workplace English (ENG2L,2P)

ENG3U- University English (ENG2D)

HPC3O- Raising Healthy Children

HRF3O - World Religions and Belief Traditions in Daily Life

HPW3C – Working with Infants and Young Children

IDC3O - Interdisciplinary Studies

MBF3C- Mathematics of Personal Finance(MFM2P)

MCR3U- Functions (MFM2D)

MEL3E- Mathematics for Everyday Life(MFM1P, MAT2L)

PPZ3CHealth for Life

SBI3U- Biology (SNC2D)

SCH3U - Chemistry (SNC2D)

SPH3U - Physics, Grade 11, University Preparation 

SVN3M- Environmental Science(SNC2D/2P)

TGP3M- Communications Technology: Photography and Digital Imaging

Non-Scheduled Courses (Continuous Intake)

Cooperative Education

CO-OP1 ICS(1-credit): Linked to individual course 
CO-OP2 (2-credit): Linked to individual course

Grade 12

CGR4E - Living in a Sustainable World 

CLN4U - Understanding Canadian Law (CHC2D/2P)

ENG4E - Workplace English (ENG3E)             

ENG4C - College English (ENG3C)

ENG4U - University Prep. English (ENG3U)

EWC4C - Writers Craft (ENG3C)

EWC4U – Writer's Craft (ENG3U)

HHG4M - Human Development throughout the Lifespan (ENG3C/3U)

HHS4C - Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society(ENG3C/3U)

HIP4O- Personal Life Management

MCT4C -  Mathematics for College Technology

OLC4O - Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course

SNC4M - Science (SVN3M)

SCH4U - Chemistry, University Prep

Course Outlines