Keejick Bay has joined KiHS this year by taking credits for a lot of their students through our Moodle platform. The classroom mentor/teacher is Sean Tudor.

Lac Seul is located approximately 38 Kms North West of Sioux Lookout. The reserve has a large base, which is bounded to the north and east by Lac Seul Lake. The reserve is made up of three (3) communities, Kejick Bay, Whitefish Bay, and Frenchman's Head.

The Lac Seul Reserve is the oldest reserve in the Sioux Lookout District of INAC. The reserve was established pursuant to Treaty #3. By 1912, there were at least 45 homes along the shoreline of what is now referred to as Kejick Bay and Whitefish Bay. The lake was the main transportation route and an important source of food. In 1929 Ontario Hydro constructed a dam at Ear Falls to produce Hydro electricity. Lac Seul Lake was flooded and to this day, the Ear Falls Dam controls the lake level. The flooding caused the area known as Kejick Bay to become an island, permanently separated from the mainland and splitting the community into two parts. The community of Whitefish Bay is located on the mainland.

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