Kathleen Koostachin
Classroom Teacher
Fort Severn

Wachiye, booshoo! Aanii! Beindigain! Miikwehc kitch-Manito nookoom kakeshikak.

I would like to thank you, First Nations , for welcoming me to your traditional territory and treaty lands, in that I humbly work for your young people through my work with education.

I am acknowledging that the lands I work on. The traditional territory of First Nations and the treaty people across Turtle Island.

Kathleen Koostachin nitishinihkaasin
Wasaho, nitoociin

A little introduction: I  have been with KiHS for 11 years.  My First Language is Oji-Cree, born and raised in Big Trout Lake, now known as  K.I  and I spent time growing up with family in Wunnimun Lake. 
I will be based in Thunder Bay Office this year and I will be the  online instructor for Native Language courses and the Native Language Lead.

My husband Chris  and I love the land, we feel so humbled to be connected to the ancestral lands and the connection we feel from our ancestors who left their legacy with keeping our spoken language and passing their knowledge to us to enables us to continue practicing our land base traditional activities. We have raised 4 children, John George, Isaiah, Christa, and Christyn, who are basically leading their own lives. We don't have any grandchildren yet.  We love our cats, who are fur babies. 

When you have any questions or you want any information. Please, contact me. I would love to talk with you. I am always wanting to learn new things. You learn something new each day. 

~Our Languages, Our Cultures, Our Identity~


Kathleen Koostachin