Linda Johnson
Student Success Coordinator


My name is Linda Johnson, and this is my 7th year living in Balmertown, KiHS Head Office, as your First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) Coordinator. Before that I lived and taught in North Caribou Lake First Nation, Weagamow Lake for 4 years, and Kejick Bay, Lac Seul First Nation for 3 years, totaling 13 years teaching in beautiful Northwest Ontario.

As the FNSSP Coordinator,communicating and tracking students' progress on an individual basis is my main objective to ensure that all are successful in their courses and achieve their goals to graduate. I visit all our KiHS classrooms and communities. I am always available to help our students, parents and teachers/mentors.

This year I will also be teaching the following courses: Grade Nine Locally Developed English, Communications Technology, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Digital Photography and Preparation course for the Literacy Test. I love being creative and finding new ways to make things, so using computers, digital cameras, art supplies (ie. painting and printmaking) and exploring new technology are my most favorite things to do!

I’m looking forward to another wonderful school year. Megwetch for having me back.


Linda Johnson