North Caribou Lake First Nation is also known as Weagamow Lake.  The reserve, named for the lake at which the community began, is located on the north shore of Weagamow Lake and covers 9172.3 hectares. The reserve is home to about 800 aboriginal people with another 70 living off the reserve. The native language of these people is Severn Ojibwe, also known as Oji-cree.

Weagamow Lake KiHS Classroom

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Weagamow Lake, ON
P0V 2Y0
Phone/Fax: 807-469-5362
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KiHS Teacher :  Raj Budhram
Bio: Raj Budhram

Classroom Assistant:

Education Director:  Saul Williams

KiHS Steering Committee Member
Saul Williams, Roy Sakchapo