Fort Severn First Nation is located on the north bank of the Severn River at the mouth of the Sachigo River and covers 3958.7 hectares. The reserve is home to 324 band members with another 91 living off reserve. Cree is the native language of the people in Fort Severn.

Fort Severn KiHS Classroom
General Delivery
Fort Severn, ON P0V 1W0
Phone/Fax: 807-478-9638
IP Phone: 1-800-387-3740 Ext. 1393

KiHS Classroom Mentors: Sangchul Yu

Bio: Sangchul Yu

KIHS Classroom Assistant: John-George McKay


Education Director: Moses Kakekaspan Jr.

Steering Committee: Moses Kakekaspan Jr.



Fort Severn