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Weagamow Class Building Shelters
by +Kevin Dempsey - Friday, 13 October 2017, 9:39 AM
Group KiHS Head Office

Hi everyone,

Dylan, our new land-based education teacher has visited a number of our classrooms. Recently, he was in North Caribou Lake (Weagamow) and work with Raj and the students on a shelter-building activity. Here are a couple of photos and a short description below:


In Weagamow Lake, students got the chance to go out on the land to build lean-to shelters using only the materials they found in the forest. Along with some community members, the shelters they build were awesome! Then after this, we gathered some Labrabor leaves to make some tea over an open fire and relax for a bit. It was an awesome day, with lots of fun being had by all!