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Linda Johnson
Student Activity Submissions (SAS) - Week 3
by +Linda Johnson - Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 11:02 AM
Group KiHS Head Office

Mid-Term report cards are out this week. Remember that there are NO EXTENSIONS in Term 4 in any courses. So, please work hard to complete as many assignments as possible. If you need help, ask your teacher/mentor! Congratulations to the following Students that completed and submitted 8 or more activities in Week 3: 

        • Charity Chapman (Bearskin)
        • Marina Nakogee (Fort Severn)
        • Candace Mamakwa (Fort Severn)
        • Dustin Oskineegish (Nibinamik)
        • Alisha Keeash-Adams (Weagamow)
        • Madison Kanate (Weagamow)
        • Cheryssa McKay (Weagamow)
        • Connie Kenequanash (Weagamow)

Honourable Mention to Charlene Bannon (Fort William for completing 7 Activities in Week 3.