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Linda Johnson
Student Activity Submissions (SAS) - Week 1
by +Linda Johnson - Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 9:22 AM
Group KiHS Head Office

New Term 4 SAS & Badges Contest is now in play! Winners of Term 3 SAS Badges Contest and Attendance Contest will be announced tomorrow, March 29th.

Students that had to finish up with their paced Term 3 courses made for a slow start for activity submissions in several of the classrooms. I know that Week 2 will be much better now that Term 3 Report Cards have been distributed.

Congratulations to the following students that have submitted 8 or more activities in Week 1: 

      • Naomi Kakekaspan (Fort Severn)
      • Dustin Oskineegish (Nibinamik)
      • Angelina Apetawakeesic-Adams (Weagamow)
      • Madison Kanate (Weagamow)
      • Emma Petawanick (Weagamow)
      • Connie Kenequanash (Weagamow)

Honourable Mention to students that submitted seven activities:

      • Nigel Sakakeep (Weagamow)