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Linda Johnson
Student Activity Submissions (SAS) - Week 7
by +Linda Johnson - Tuesday, 8 May 2018, 2:59 PM
Group KiHS Head Office

YOU DID IT!  Culminating Projects are due this week. Once you completed and submitted your project(s), please go back over the previous weeks and make corrections to any activities with a red "x", and finish up any key activities missed. Help is always available--just ask smile  Remember there are NO EXTENSIONS! Next week will be Final Exams. Congratulations to the following students for completing and submitting 8 or more activities in Week 7:

        • Miriyan Meekis (Deer Lake)
        • Brayden Wanakamik (Fort Severn)
        • Naomi Kakekaspan (Fort Severn)
        • Isaac Miles (Fort Severn)
        • Candace Mamakwa (Fort Severn)
        • Savannah Thomas (Fort Severn)
        • AnnMarie Oskineegish (Nibinamik)
        • Dustin Oskineegish (Nibinamik)
        • Melinda Wabasse (Nibinamik)
        • Emma Petawanick (Weagamow)
        • Connie Kenequanash (Weagamow)

Honourable mention to the following students for completing 7 Activities in Week 7:

        • Charity Chapman (Bearskin)
        • Marina Nakogee (Fort Severn)
        • Dennis Rae (Keewaywin)
        • Jayce Sawanis (Sachigo)
        • Cheryssa McKay (Weagamow)