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Linda Johnson
Student Activity Submissions (SAS) - Week 5
by +Linda Johnson - Tuesday, 24 April 2018, 3:36 PM
Group KiHS Head Office

ONLY two (2) more weeks of regular activities, then we will move on to Culminating activities and Final Exams. Remember there will be NO EXTENSIONS granted in this Term 4. Congratulations to the following Students that completed and submitted 8 or more activities in Week 5:

        • Jocelyn Meekis (Deer Lake)
        • Caden Gray (Fort Severn)
        • Chad Bluecoat (Fort Severn)
        • Latrelle Roundhead (Mishkeegogamang)
        • Dustin Oskineegish (Nibinamik)
        • Angelina Apetawakeesic-Adams (Weagamow)
        • Emma Petawanick (Weagamow)
        • Nigel Sakakeep (Weagamow)

Honorable mention to students that have 7 activities completed in Week 5:

        • Skyleen Gray (Fort Severn)
        • AnnMarie Oskinegish (Nibinamik)
        • Melinda Beardy (Nibinamik)
        • Serena Ashpanaquestcum (Nibinamik)
        • Tyra Tait (Sachigo)
        • Madison Kanate (Weagamow)
        • Kobe Potan-Benson (Weagamow)
        • Connie Kenequanash (Weagamow)
        • Tyler Shewaybick (Webequie)