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Linda Johnson
Student Activity Submissions (SAS) - Week 3
by +Linda Johnson - Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 3:55 PM
Group KiHS Head Office

It's great to see students working hard at completing their activities and earning Badges! Midterm report cards will be issued later this week. Please read comments made by your course teachers. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your classroom teacher. Congratulations to the following Students that completed and submitted 8 or more activities in Week 3:

    • Peter Anderson (Keewaywin)
    • Charity Barkman (Keewaywin)
    • Janel Masakeyash (Mishkeegogmang)
    • Taylor Meekis (North Spirit)
    • Lestat Rae (North Spirit)
    • Cherish Oombash (North Spirit)
    • Freedom Rae (North Spirit)
    • Dakota Harper (Sachigo)
    • Cheryssa Mckay (Weagamow)
    • Kobe Potan-Benson (Weagamow)
    • Jayson Winter (Weagamow)

Honourable Mention to the following Students that complete 7 Activities in Week 3:

    • Charity Chapman (Bearskin)
    • Hanna Bluecoast (Fort Severn)
    • Waylon Harper (Keewaywin)
    • Brandan Kakekagumick (Keewaywin)
    • Michelle Owen (Poplar)
    • Alisha Adams-Keeash (Weagamow)