TGP3M Communications Technology: Photography and Digital Imaging, Grade 11, University/College Preparation 

This course examines communications technology from a media perspective. Students will develop knowledge and skills as they design and produce media projects concentrating in the many areas of photography including technical skills, creativity, composition, computer/digital imaging, and other interesting processes. It also explores the techniques and applications of acquiring, manipulating and outputting digitized photographic images utilizing Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Picasa, Pixlr Editor and Express, and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Besides learning the control of photo equipment and techniques, students will be encouraged to experiment, problem solve and develop their photographic portfolio. Students will also develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues and explore college and university programs and career opportunities in the various communications technology fields with emphasis on photography and digital imaging.

Prerequisite: Communications Technology - TGJ2O, Grade 10, Open

ASM3O Media Arts, Grade 11,Open 

This course enables you to create media art works using available and emerging technologies such as computer animation, digital imaging, and video, and a variety of media. You will explore the elements and principles of media arts, the connections between contemporary media art works and traditional art forms, and the importance of using responsible practices when engaged in the creative process. You will develop the skills necessary to create and interpret media art works.