Questions & Answers for KIHS Students & their Parents

Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS) invites applicants for the 2014/2015 school year.


Is KIHS difficult? Yes. It is hard. ALL high school is tough at first. And it takes lots of time. But as someone commented, "The things that I spend the most time on are the things where I learn the most. If you put lots of time and energy into KIHS, you will get good things OUT of KIHS.

Where is my community’s KIHS campus? Your community will arrange a classroom. It may be part of the current school. It may be a portable classroom or a renovated house or other building.

Who will be in charge in the KIHS classroom? A trained teacher mentor will be present in the classroom. If there are enough students there will also be a part time Classroom Assistant (CA) who will help you use the computer and other technical equipment.

How long each day will I attend school? The school day is about the same length as a school day in a city. We spend 6 hours a day in class.

What do I have to do to pass? Success is based on assignments that you submit by computer each week to your instructor. You may be very friendly and helpful in class; you may get along well with the teacher. But if you do not send in your work, - zap. No marks.

Does attendance count? YES and NO. You can not pass by just showing up in class. BUT: The number of days you are absent is recorded on your report card. The number of times you are late is also recorded. This information stays on your report card for the rest of your life. KIHS records lates and absentees because it is a Ministry of Education regulation.

What are high school credits? In Ontario high schools, for each subject that you complete, you receive a credit or a half credit. You must successfully complete 30 credits to complete high school. See the KIHS student handbook (online) for more information on the credit system.

How Many Courses do I take each year? Like other schools throughout Ontario, students can take 8 courses a year. The KiHS year is divided into 4 semesters, with students taking 2 courses in each semester.

What courses are offered? The courses are set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. KiHS will be offering a selection of compulsory courses next year as well as some optional courses. The courses are listed in the option sheet that can be obtained from your local KiHS teacher or found at our website at We offer compulsory courses in English; Mathematics; Science; Native Language; Geography; History; Civics; and Career studies as well as optional courses in Computer studies; Native studies; Art; and Family studies

Can I go to college or university with KIHS courses? Yes, KIHS is offering Academic courses which lead to university preparation courses. KiHS also offers applied and locally developed courses as well as workplace, college and university preparation courses.

How can I do homework when I have no computer at home? The KIHS campus classroom will be open two hours nightly up to 4 nights a week for you to complete your work. What if I am not very good on computers?

That’s OK. We are ALL pretty new on computers. By using the computer each day for KIHS courses, we gradually learn computer skills and Internet searching skills. We all help each other.

What if I can’t type? That’s OK too. At the beginning of your KIHS courses you will spend time each day with Mavis Beacon, our computerized typing tutor. Mavis is a good teacher; after a couple of months, you will be glad that she was around. As your speed increases, it will take you less time to get your assignments on line. I am really good in Math and English. That's terrific because KiHS offers Academic courses in Math, Science and English and Canada and World Studies. These courses are designed for students who intend to go to university or college once they graduate from high school. I am not very good in Math and English. Many students in the north need more English, Math and Science skills. At KIHS you will spend extra time in these subjects. Students can take locally developed courses in grade 9 math, science and English. These are credit course that help build skills that will make it easier to be successful in the Applied courses. You MUST be willing to read lots, and work hard to do well in high school anywhere, as well as KiHS.

When can we use chat? The KIHS campus computers are not for doing chat. You will have to use other computers in the community if you plan on chatting. KiHS computers are to be used to complete course activities. The KIHS students who have done the BEST are those whose parents have been there to support them. KIHS knows that it is a new experience, having teens who are in school, staying at home. It is a good thing to allow young people to set their own path in life. At the same time, young people need direction, support and encouragement to do the things necessary to be successful in school, and in life.


How can I help my teenager be successful?

Get your teen up in the morning. See that there is food for breakfast. See that your teen leaves for school on time. Help your teen establish a routine and good habits around school work so that success in school becomes the most important thing in their teen years. Expect your teen to do homework at the school in the evenings. Provincial grade 9 and 10 students are expected to do 1 ½ hours per night in grades 9 and 10. Be interested in your teen’s successes. Drop in to the KIHS classroom. You are welcome at any time. Get your teen to show you the work that has been created on computer. Attend open houses. Look at ALL the students’ work. Complement other students in the class as well as your own teen. Don’t have your teen babysitting or wood cutting when they are supposed to be at school. Keep in touch with the KIHS teacher in your community. Make your teacher welcome. A happy teacher leads to a happy student. Be a role model for your teen. Together, we can all help your youth stay at home - and in school. Together, we can all help your youth stay at home - and stay in school.

Questions & Answers